Is is time to undertake Spring Cleaning in your relationship with your child or a child you work with?

If you’re feeling one of your child’s relationships or indeed your relationship with your child is stuck in the mud……

Here are 5 tips to experience a sense of flourishing in your child and in you!

1.  Focus on the positives in you and your child’s life. Name what is working well, I am providing nutritionally balanced meals, I am providing a safe physically space and I am doing the best I can.

2.  Begin instilling a feeling of daily GRATITUDE in you and your child.  Many adults and indeed teenagers too practice writing daily gratitude journals in the morning, evening or both. Why not introduce this in the daily life of your child and you?

Keep it short and simple. (K.I. S. S.) Why not consider when travelling to school, experiencing and FEELING what’s happening in your senses.  Then begin observing and gently link this moment to how grateful you are feeling.   Notice how birds in the trees are busy building their nests. Perhaps your nostrils’ are sniffing the fragrant smell of freshly cut grass or your ears may be hearing the sound of a lawnmower nearby.

This past week, I have observed and have been OBSERVING nearby crows diligently building nests, term ‘birdbrain’ clearly not applying here …..  I am LISTENING and I have heard the first strimmer of this spring last Friday in my play therapy practice and over the weekend I saw the sun glistening on the Atlantic ocean over the weekend as I was strolling on a soft sandy beach. Go a little further and feel your heart dance with the excitement with what all these observations and feelings truely mean for YOU. Notice what memories they are EVOKING in you (in your HEAD) and try especially to identify what you are experiencing on an EMOTIONAL level. Actively journey into remembering both negative and positive memories and their feelings that surface for you.

As you model your gratitude invite your child to name aloud what he/she is grateful for.  Try include it as a daily habit which for adults may take up to 21 days. Make a mental note of the humor, simplicity and gratitude in your Pre-Schooler, School Aged Child, Pre-Teen and Teenagers are grateful for.  Be surprised and notice the guidance and giggles deep within their being.

3.  Positive Mindsets and Positive Relationships. Research galore exists on this topic with a central tenant being that when one practices the art (skill) of meditation we are developing our ability to move out of the critical judgement side of our brain AND into our creative side.  Newly walking children (unique to our own development from approximately 10 months up to 17 months age) model this so very very  well. Bet you have observed a little person pause at a passing gate, pebble, or even a feather!  Such concentration and expertise here –  in and truely  ‘living in the moment’

Why not this SPRINGTIME investigate in a simple meditation program to begin with such as or  4-7-8 breathing technique?  I often recommend this is my private practice with my clients and indeed their parents too. What a life skill, what a gift to imprint in your child or a child you work with?.

4. (Being kind to you…..Hmmm!) I am deliberately choosing the present tense BEING rather than the command BE.

Reading back you will notice a little paragraph in my blog almost totally written in the present tense. SLOW down and try reading it aloud.  Read it in the past tense.

Sometimes it can take us a long time to practice being kind to ME. Our children learn from our actions, so perhaps it’s time this Springtime to begin practicing the LIFESKILL of meditation AND being KIND to ME.

5. Perhaps you are already DOING these tips, great! If not, are you willing to begin carving out (present tense again!)  some time this Springtime to practice NEW BEHAVIOURS in your relationship with your child or a child you work with? Are you hoping you and your child can experience thriving or do you work with a child that you’d like to witness flourishing?

Taking time for ACTION is your first step. Taking time to watch out for my upcoming FREE WEBINAR in a few weeks is your next step to begin to experience you and your child flourishing. I am LOOKING forward to being with you on my first webinar this season. Let’s begin this Springtime to flourish!
‘Til next week happy OBSERVING and FEELING grateful.

Slán & Take care!